Customized pieces of art are a great way to get that unique piece that nobody else has. Guaranteed! As wall decoration that goes perfectly with your interior or eye catching wow factor, murals and big sized pieces of art can get your decoration game to the next level.

I am open to inquiries and would love to help you fulfill your ideas. No matter how crazy or cheesy it gets, I am sure we can make something beautiful from it. 

Let's discuss your ideas together over real or virtual coffee and I will get back to you in an agreed on time frame with the first draft. After sign off from your side, I will come to your location and transfer the piece to your wall. 



Material Cost

Up to 1m²

250 Euro

On receipt (max. 50 Euro)

1 to 2m²

350 Euro

On receipt (max. 70 Euro)

2 to 3m²

500 Euro

On receipt (max. 90 Euro)

From 3m²

700 Euro

On receipt (max. 110 Euro)

All prices are exclusive shipping. The shipping costs depend on the item. Material costs are used for colors and can be seen as flat fee. Should you want special colours, extra costs might apply.