Art work - Motiv "See all that space?"

Limited edition print - Editions of 30 prints in total! Different sizes are included in the total number of prints.


"My artworks are inspired by dreams, experiences, fantasies and the beauty that I see in life. Sometimes though, they take me outside of this life and carry me to other dimensions and spaces. See all that space is the story of a girl that can see those dimensions at all times, with her special sunglasses.


With these artworks I share what I see and what I imagine. Each artwork takes up to 6 hours to complete, varying on the details. With the use of pattern combinations and more expressive poses in every new piece, I am hoping to take the viewers mind into a surrealistic world."


  • Different sizes available
  • 300g paper
  • No frame


Get one out of 30 limited edition prints, in your preferred size. Do you need a unique birthday gift? You want to decorate your walls with art that is not standard and hangs in a million other homes?


Get unique art work designs from Ama's Art shop, to decorate your walls and bring your home to life.

See all that space?

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    • If you decide to use another packaging anyways, please consider that the costs will not be refunded. 
    • Shipping costs will only be refunded, if the art work is damaged or in a bad condition.
  • Prints will be shipped in a poster roll, made from cartbox. It is resuable for returns. 

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